STUFH Community Service 5/4/2017

During finals week at UCM,  nine men from Delta Chi spent their time getting involved in community service work   This was also the week of STUFH(Students Team Up to Fight Hunger).  The men moved over 1,100 pounds of food to a local food pantry.  1,000 bags of clothes were also moved to the Big Brother organization.  The supply for these donations were all gathered from student dorms on campus.  This is a great way for Delta Chi to finish off the school year!

Last day to sign up for Alumni Float Trip

The last day to sign up for Alumni Float Trip will be Sunday, May 28! As of now there are a total of 12 cabin spots still available. If they sell out, we still have areas where we can set up heavy duty cots. We will make sure there is room for anyone who wants to attend! Don't forget campers and pop-ups are welcome as well!


Also, we will be selling the Alumni Float Trip T-Shirt on the website. You can purchase them at Float Trip, however if you want to be guaranteed a shirt, please purchase it by May 23!


Head over to the store to view and purchase a t-shirt!

UCM Greek Week 2017

Delta Chi was paired with the Delta Zeta sorority for this year's Greek Week.  We were Team 6 and everyone involved worked very hard to represent our team in a great way.  Our team was awarded 2nd place overall for this year's Greek Week rankings.  This week is a great way for the members of Delta Chi to show their teamwork skills to the rest of the campus.


Awards Received:  1st Place in the Relay Race, 2nd Place Overall,  2nd Place in Bill Battle, 2nd Place in Cornhole, 2nd Place in Lip Sync, 3rd Place in Sand Volleyball, 3rd Place in the Blood Drive, and 3rd Place in Ladder Golf.


Father's Day 4/1/2017

Many active members in UCM's Delta Chi chapter had a great Saturday spent with their dad and their fraternity brothers.  The group began their day by making a trip to the Kansas City Bier Company.  The Kansas City Bier Company gave the group an extensive tour of the factory and gave the opportunity to sample three of their signature beers.  Each participant also was given a beer glass as a souvenir.  After this the group ate a great meal at Waldo Pizza which is conveniently located down the street.  It was a successful day and we look forward to continuing the tradition of the annual Delta Chi Father's Day event.

Alumni Weekend 3/10-12/2017

This semester's alumni weekend came along and it was an eventful time despite the poor weather.  It rained most of the weekend which caused the golf session to be less of a big event.  Some Delta Chi and Alumni braved the weather and still had a great time golfing!  The group later ate a great meal at Fitters restaurant.  The weekend came to an end with the group getting a memorial brick made for deceased brother of Delta Chi, Jason Barnes.  This is a tradition in UCM's Delta Chi chapter and the brick is meant as a tribute to the person it is created for.