Executive Board

The Executive "Exec" Board makes up the primary officer positions within the Chapter. They're responsible for anything from running the various committees to finances to alumni relations and more. The positions that make up the Exec Board are the president "A", vice president "B", secretary "C", treasurer "D", alumni secretary "E", risk management "F", and associate member counselor "AMC".

If needing to get in contact with anyone on the Exec Board, you can find their emails below, or visit the Contact page.


To me, Delta Chi means that I have a group of men that I can call brothers will be there for me if I ever need anything. I am a huge believer in the bond that this amazing fraternity provides and I am incredibly thankful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of something so life-changing.
— Ross Dickneite, President. rjd68450@ucmo.edu
To me Delta Chi means opportunity because of everything that’s been offered to me since I’ve joined; new friends, leadership experience, and a job.
— Adam Knaebel, Vice President. ajk13940@ucmo.edu
Delta Chi means finding your best friends, that you are able to call your brothers.
— Layne Davis, Secretary. lcd67950@ucmo.edu
Hello, my name is Joshua Brehe. I joined Delta Chi in Fall 2014. Joining this brothehood has been the best decision of my life. Delta Chi is truly my home.
— -Josh Brehe, Treasurer. jmb02550@ucmo.edu
Delta Chi is the brotherhood of a lifetime. The diversity throughout our chapter really strengthens relationships between brothers. Delta Chi has helped me grow as a scholar, a brother, a professional, and as a person.
— Stuart Duncan, Alumni Relations. scd01010@ucmo.edu
Ahoy! I’m Jody, and I love having a good time with my friends as well as serving in the Navy.
— Jody Jennings, Associate Member Counselor. jdj94320@ucmo.edu