Alumni Weekend 2019

Alumni Weekend is scheduled for the weekend of April 27. We’re looking forward to seeing you there! See below to view the schedule and sign ups for golfing, wine/beer tasting, and/or dinner.

Alumni Weekend Award Nomination

Alumni Awards:

  • Unsung Hero: someone who does lots of behind the scenes stuff who doesn’t usually get recognized

  • Lost & Found: someone who comes around now and is involved who did not use to be

  • Go-Getter: an alumni who did something outstanding within the last year

  • Ole Reliable: comes around a lot, makes it to lots of events, etc.

  • Sugar daddy: someone who donates/contributes a lot financially to the Chapter

  • The Phenom: an alumni that is younger, but a rising star either in personal life or within other organizations, including potentially, Delta Chi

Active Awards:

  • The Catalyst: someone who is continuously motivating the Chapter (i.e. the Chapter’s Spark Plug). This could be at recruitment events, sports events, etc.

  • The Trailblazer: someone that is disrupting the status quo and helping take the chapter to the next level. This could be either in process improvement, leadership, etc.

  • Rising Star: the active that is on the rise as the next great future leader of Delta Chi